My Positions for Congress.

  1. Public Safety / Immigration – Due to the high volume of Human Trafficking (Modern Day Slavery), the extortion of Mexican and Central American Citizens, and the large amounts of illicit drugs coming into the United States, it is vital now more than ever, to have a strong border, and sensible immigration policies. We need to have safe streets and safe schools. If we follow a public safety first approach we can help make it more difficult for this criminality to continue to destabilize and threaten our communities.  Weak borders mean more Mexican and Central American Citizens being used and abused for human slavery (human trafficking) and more cases of these people being extorted to haul drugs and pay coyotes (smugglers) large amounts of money to bypass our borders and laws. A stronger boarder will save more innocent lives.


  1. 2nd Amendment – The right for any U.S. Citizen to protect themselves is paramount in a free society. As a martial arts teacher and shooting enthusiast, I understand that not everyone has the skills of a martial artists when it comes to self-defense. This is one reason why the 2nd Amendment should not be limited to law abiding citizens, they should be allowed every option to have the means to defend themselves if the need ever arises.  I will make sure that the 2nd amendment laws are unrestricted to law abiding citizens, allowing them every option and every benefit if they choose to have or purchase any firearm.


  1. Veteran Care – During the last 8 years the Obama Administration has consistently treated our Veterans with disregard and even contempt. Ignoring their needs and service to our country. What happened at the Phoenix VA is inexcusable and should never be allowed to happen again. As a veteran, I will do everything I can to ensure the needs of our veterans are at the forefront of our government. Mental & physical health, housing, education, and most importantly job placement are critical to our veterans. Simply thanking them for their service is not enough; I will explore solutions to assist veterans with medical needs and develop employment opportunities for veterans who are underemployed.


  1. Legalizing Marijuana – It is time to discuss making this substance legal across the U.S. Marijuana is not going anywhere, despite the millions of dollars our government spends every year to stop the use of this drug. Marijuana is our prohibition of the 1930’s. As making alcohol illegal did not work, making marijuana and illegal substance is not working. It’s time for our government to legalize it, so it can be regulated, taxed, and have effective laws govern this substance as done with alcohol. (I would look at showing the costs of enforcement, jail costs, courts costs, and citizens who are not employable for felony charges who end up in jail or on welfare. Compare to what legalization would cost).


  1. Job Growth – Arizona; like much of the USA needs to find ways to boost job growth and improve the lives of our citizens. With more people moving here to enjoy our lifestyle, it is vital that we do all we can to foster entrepreneurialism and job growth. As your Representative I will do everything I can to focus on job growth for our communities. We can increase efforts to utilize more of our natural resources and land to expand and maximize Arizona’s benefit to its citizens, such as various agriculture farming, solar farms, and alternative energy. I will work with local state, county, and city officials, companies, and other stakeholders to grow more job opportunities and attract more companies to do business in Arizona.  I will also address needs for having funding towards trade schools for those who do not attend college in order to support future company needs to expand their business in Arizona.


  1. Education Reform – For years Arizona has been ranked near the nation’s bottom for grades K-12. This cannot continue, our children and our future demand we do a better job. Unfortunately, most government solutions attempt to raise education outcomes by throwing more money at it. The problem with this, of course, is that it has never worked. The funding tends to go to perpetuate the current top-heavy administration, training, and management model and rarely ever does it filter down to where it is needed, the teachers and the classroom. What tends to be ignored is the problem. The classic definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Arizona K-12 education IS NOT WORKING. How education is being taught must change.


  1. Native Americans – As your congressman I believe it is vital and important that we represent the indigenous people of Arizona and the United States. We need to make sure that our government supplies the means and resources to protect the cultures, languages, and traditions of Native Americans, as they are a national treasure to our country.  I will work with congress to make sure that all Native Americans have the resources and means to become successful and prosperous.  I will be sure to address government laws, policies, and procedure issues making sure they work for and not against Native Americans, Tribes and governments. Finally, I will assist and make sure all means and resources are addressing the health needs of Native Americans.



Working for a better Arizona and a stronger america .